Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Hi guys, I realise it is a mega busy time of year for everyone so any help is hugely appreciated!!

Today is my little boys Birthday and he was very lucky to get an Xrocker Sentinel 4.1 chair with all the bells and whistles!

Problem is, im not very technical and although it is working and set up, he has his headset plugged into his xbox controller as normal for his mic but i am listening to all of the noise through the chair speakers and its already dementing me !!

It doesnt matter which port I plug his headset into for the mic, nobody can hear him talking unless it is in the controller... surely there MUST be a way to get the sounds through the headset and the mic work!? If I just turn the volume off on the chair it also turns the vibration feedback off so I am literally in a no win situation hahah!

I hope there is a simple solution I am missing here being a non tech savvy Mum! x
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