USB device used to transfer files between a PC and Xbox 360.

Amazon have it priced at £29.99 which is the best I've seen so far - just wondering if anyone has seen a better price?



I have no idea what you're looking for mate - since I don't own an xbox (spit spit). Can you send me a link for this blasphemous piece of kit?


thanks mate - didn't realise it was called the XSATA, your thread title was not exactly descriptive :-P

Well if the PC and the XBox are sitting on the same "network", i.e. connected to the same router. you should be able to transfer files without any.... I'll shut up now - why do i try to apply logic to a microsoft product.:mad:

You m,ight just have got the best out of it mate for this product the best price i could find ]beat you by 1p :-P

and you can get a bit of Quidco too 5%.

Hope this helps.


u should be able to use an ordinary hard drive and and a usb enclosure (caddy)
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