Xtreamer team and Etrayz what an absoloute joke!

    Has anyone had the experience of dealing with these people, i have an Xtreamer and it is ok, to be honest it ias in the last of a long line of media players i have been through them all more or less. I like that is works as a NAS too. (if anyone knows of others that do let me know)

    anyway, I saw on there site that they were offering a deal on the new NAS that they have coming out, the Etrayz, the blurb sounds good and i was after one anyway so i went for it, i missed out on the 40 euro off offer by a few hours which i thought i didnt but apparently when they take orders they are in a different time zone to any other time you deal with them. (I am not the only one who has had this problem) despite this i went ahead as i thought the 99 euro price tag woudl be worth the price if it did everything they said it would.

    Before i ordered i checked, checked and double checked that it would be with me in the first week of december which i was told time and time again it would be even a week before.

    I have emailed a few times throught december and been told that what they actually meant was that shipping would comence in the first week in december. they went on to tell me this has happened, however it is being shipped to them from the manufactuor.

    I have canceled now and been told that i will lose 10 euros "gateway fee" which i am not best pleased about as they have not been honest throughout the transaction i would have not been bothered about it if i had canceled in any other curcumstances.

    To top it off i posted on their forum in a polite manner that i was cancelling due to the dishonesty of them and it was removed, so i posted it again banned, lol.

    I am now looking forward to a long wait for my money back.

    has anyone else had the misfortune of dealing with this load of jokers?

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