Y Y Y!!

    Why when i submit a deal does it dissapear are a few mins,

    Not all of them but most of them

    Please help otherwise if this is happaning to lots of people are not going to bother, i have now submitted 5 good deals and only 1 has stayed on,

    Please help!!


    Dont know why they keep disappearing but the whole site today has been really annoying, pages not loading or taking ages to load and i notice that some posts are duplicated 2-3 times to begin with:?

    Yeah, today lots of strange and annoying things have been going on with the site!


    Hi, we've been having some issues since an update last night- hoping to have everything sorted soon
    Mark Hiscutt, I've just removed one of your deals as it was an amazon marketplace deal. These aren't allowed on HUKDs :thumbsup:

    As for the others, 2 of your posts were identical (football table) and they were duplicates of a previous deal, viva pinata & assassins creed were duplicates also

    My Son Told Me That This Happens When It Is Very Windy, It Is Very Annoying.
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