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    This device plays back Internet radio stations of your choice (list can be updated via or USB drive), play MP3 files off USB drives, from network (requires PC - software supplied or Twonkyvision Music (free), which can be installed on standalone NAS devices such as Slug). It got FM radio as well as Alarm clock (synchronized manually or via NTP).
    Network connection is done via WiFi (802.11g, WEP and WPA-PSK) or Ethernet (wired).

    Price - 87 quid + delivery from Komplett. Haven't seen it cheaper so far.



    Very cool. Then again it depends what you want...I'm trying to go for convergence where everything runs off one place. So I stream internet radio to remote speakers and use a remote device (currently my mobile through bluetooth) to control the player. In the end I get roughly the same result although it's nothing like having a bedside radio/alarm clock I suppose...

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    I guess it is down to personal preferences My goal is to build PC-less environment with various devices linked to central NAS, which is always On. As to bluetooth, I am using SE T610 to control my laptop when using it as Internet TV and media streaming. It works very well indeed.

    Yeah I guess I just have a small flat so I'm trying to keep things simple and the less devices for me the better. If you have a larger house with a few rooms it might be easier/neater to run separate devices off a centralised server.
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