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    for some reason for ages my yahoo mail and messanger will not let me sign into a new computer or a new windows install. it keeps saying my account is locked. my account isn't locked cuz i can still sign in on others computers, old windows installs. unfortunatly recently i've sold/reformatted all my computers without thinking. i know my name and password, i know it works. but its saying its locked. i've contacted yahoo but they will only do something if i give them like 50 details which i don't remember. I created this account like 12 years ago before there were addresses and such therefore made up a us zip code. anyone got any ideas?


    sure someone hasn't signed in on one of your old pc's and changed the password ?

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    aye positive. was using it like a half hour before. this has been happening for months and i was getting around it but signing in on my old windows installs. now every computer i have is new or a fresh install and i can't sign in

    goto [url][/url] and try logging into yahoo through there.
    as flickr is now owned by yahoo :thumbsup:
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