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Found 9th Feb 2009
Is there any way to close it completely?

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set up a Select Vacation Response that the account is closed.
abandon it
if you dont log in after so many days yahoo normally close the account

more like months or year

If you delete your Yahoo! Mail account, you also lose your Yahoo! GeoCities page, your My Yahoo! settings, your Hotjobs profile and other data in services belonging to the Yahoo! empire. If you are paying for any Yahoo! subscription services such as Yahoo! Mail Plus, it is probably best to cancel these first to avoid unexpected payments.

Also be aware that people will still be able to send messages to your closed Yahoo! Mail account for 90 days without getting a delivery error while you cannot log in to your account to see them. So make sure you tell all your friends and contacts when you are about to terminate your Yahoo! Mail account.

Delete Your Yahoo! Mail Account

To delete your Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Mail Classic account:

* ]Step by Step Screenshot Walkthrough

* Visit the ]Terminating Your Yahoo! Account page.
* Type your password under please confirm your identity with your password..
* Click Terminate this Account.
* Wait 90 days for Yahoo! to delete data (such as email messages) associated with your account.
o Data connected to a Yahoo! Finance Premium account will be kept for 3 calendar years.

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thanks have repped u all x
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