Yahoo! Mail now offering new email domains,

    I think domains is the right word. Anyway, Yahoo have now launched and I know this isnt technically a deal, but I thought it may be useful to some of you. This is fairly good though, since most of the names have been taken, and you can now use something really easy to remember and isn't a total mouthful. I don't know, take it or leave it.

    edit:…=ym Theres the link, sorry I dont have a straight to deal dolally thing. On the landing page, go to Sign Up! in bottom right.


    Have you got a link to save me searching?

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    Have you got a link to save me searching?

    Oh yeah sorry about that…=ym


    Nice one, just signed up!


    Many thanks, managed to get my [email protected] (not … Many thanks, managed to get my [email protected] (not literally :-D)They ones are always best for official use.

    CV :thumbsup:

    created 10!

    That's what I've been doing too. Registered accounts for my sons and other family peeps.

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    Haha, yep. They are good for businesses and things, so you better get your last name or whatever now. I know I have
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