Yahoo mail probs?

    My yahoo mail is not letting me into mail side. Can see my contacts okay but keep getting error when trying to access my mail and advice is to refresh or try logging out and back in again and if that fails feel free to contact customer care about error code 5. Have clicked on that and mentioned am having problems but when asked about my email address i put in the one thats not working so they would be unable to contact me if there was an issue....Have even tried rebooting my pc and trying another yahoo acct which I got into successfully!

    Anyone had this problem before? Know how long it takes to get fixed? I would have thought if it was a server issue affecting my acct they would have mirror servers or would just say in the error msg that my mail server was down.......

    Cheers for any advice!


    you need to sign out then close it down and google yahoo mail and then sign back in my does it quite frequently

    Original Poster

    Thanks for advice - will try that in future but finally started working again about an hour ago after being down for 3-4 hours! Now I'm too tired to action all the mails i was supposed to though!

    Its also undergoing maintenance atm.
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