YaketyYak mobiles - good/bad?

    My wife's phone decided to have a bath. It is BLOODY THIRD PHONE in a couple of months! To say I am pissed is probably an underestimation. Arghh!!!

    Right... deep breath... OK... $^%^%^$!!! &%&%&!!!!

    Anyway... I am searching for TMobile-locked or SIM-free smartphone. YaketiYak seem to have the right phones at right prices. The only problem is that I never heard of such company and name doesn't sound er... reputable.

    Any ideas on whether I should buy phone from'em or not?


    Hi Kommunist
    I know very little about mobile phones, deals etc but with regards to the company and their website they look pretty upfront to me.

    In fact it's a darn site more upfront than most company websites in that they actually provide a non 08?? phone number ( 0208 202 9933 ) and actual names as well ( Peter A. Lee....Chairman )

    ( I think it's a great name for a phone company but then that's just my opinion !)

    If you are still worried why don't you give them a ring. You should be able to get a rough idea of their customer service level and competence over the phone.
    I am sure you can come up with some "difficult" questions to test them

    Sorry but can't offer much else, apart from the name Yaketi Yak is cloned from an old Coasters song ! Here are the words and music (midi) for you to enjoy…htm

    Take care............................

    Original Poster

    Thanks for input, hottoshop!

    I will give'em a call tomorrow to see if they are genuine. Their prices seems to be quite good and I checked their website with Thawte and it seems legitimate. Anyway I'll be using credit card, so there will be an additional protection.

    They're listed on Kelkoo too I think.

    Original Poster

    Yes, they are. Thanks ducky!
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