Yale CCTV App not connecting to DVR. Help!

Found 12th Jul
Wonder is anyone can help. Installed powrline adapters and getting a solid wired internet connection (although my max speed in 1.8 Mb/s...Sky).

But the app still can't find the DVR. It says " no device" every time. I've used both SN and IP methods of connecting but both don't work.

Anyone got this problem before? I know it requires 10 Mb/s speed, as mentioned in the booklet, but surely that's for viewing and playing; at the very least the app should connect, right?

Thanks in advance.
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first have you checked the ip address is on the same network as the router i.e dvr and router if its on the same network you should be able to ping test the dvr from computer once that works the app should work.
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