Yamaha VS-10 * Home Cinema Surround Sound * 5.1 * Whats it worth?

Found 30th Dec 2010
Good condition, all 5 speakers work and has a powerful subwoofer. All cabling inc and remote control.


Supplied: Processor/amplifier, stereo speakers and NX/SW10 speaker package comprising rears and subwoofer, remote control
Power: 40 watts (centre), 4 x 25 watts (rears and stereo), 50 watts (subwoofer)
Audio inputs: 2 x line level, optical input
Audio outputs: Spring clip speaker connections
Video inputs and outputs: 2 x composite phono in, 1 x composite phono out
Remote control: Yes
Decoding formats / DSP: Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro-Logic, Game, Hall, Concert/Sports, Mono Mover, 70mm Movie Theatre, DTS Movie Theatre, Virtual Dolby Digital, DTS Virtual 5.1, Silent Theatre
W x H x D (mm) /
Weight (kg): Decoder/amplifier: 302 x 82 x 300 / 4.7
Stereo speakers: 125 x 185 x 145 / 1.4 each
Centre speaker: 240 x 100 x 145 / 1.7
Rear speakers: 100 x 140 x 112 / 0.7 each
Subwoofer: 200 x 395 x 400 / 10.6
Extra: All speakers magnetically shielded
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does it have a inbuilt earth for record players?

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