Yay! Just won £600 for 3 numbers on the Irish lottery!!!!

    Been doing it for ages and my numbers finally came in!
    19, 28 and 35


    well done you

    well done,
    my dad always does the Irish one and keeps saying the odds are better than the English lottery so i hope his numbers come in soon like yours:)

    well done, can i please have some of your luck?

    good on you:thumbsup:

    enjoy it

    Well Done :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah the odds are much better as there are only 45 numbers for a start!
    That, and if you do a '3 number HotPick' on National lotto its 450/1 instead of 600/1.

    Love the Irish :thumbsup:

    lucky you

    Well done - nice news for change! Enjoy



    How much profit after taking out all you've spent on tickets ?


    I always think that

    Congratulations anyway.

    Original Poster

    Well i have done it for about 6 months spending £6 a week.

    Probably not so great when you add it up, but im still in front, and its a great feeling to win £600, so who cares!!!

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