Yay or Nay on these LG HD TV Sets?

    Just had a lookie around for a new HD TV Under £250 which is my limit really! I'm pushing it as it is for this LG 22LG3000 22" for £225 Delivered, Link Below…ner

    My question is if this HD TV is good enough for HD Gaming? It doesnt mention of it Scales to 1080p or 1080i does anyone know if it does? is it a good TV overall?

    I also stumbled accross this on Amazon, Link below

    LG W2261V 22" Wide LCD Monitor, DVI, 1080P…-10

    Same question again is good? know it's a monitor but can someone tell me the difference in quality i'm not very teche, it's not TFT Monitor by the looks of it as it states it an LCD Monitor, Also another thing why is the Delivery Slots between 1-2 Months?!

    any comments welcome as they're helpful for me lol!



    32'' LG for £291.94 or possibly £279.35 after quidco

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    ]'' LG for £291.94 or possibly £279.35 after quidco

    Max resolution of 1366x768 No way for me thanks, Full HD Sets are the way forward especially for gaming, cheers anyways :thumbsup:

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