Yayyyy Shameless is coming back :-) *Contains spoilers of next series*

Found 20th Jun 2009
Maybe its old news to some of you but Shameless is coming back they have started filming another series of 16 episodes :-)


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Filming has begun on 16 brand new episodes of Shameless – whoop! Wanna find out what's going to happen? Then read on...
Frank finds a new love this series with the arrival of local Librarian Libby, played by Shameless newcomer Pauline McLynn (previously seen in Father Ted, Jam & Jerusalem).
Libby's passion for romantic literature wakes in Frank something that has been dormant for so long... and then he meets her mum Patty who might just put a spanner in the works.
Eight months on from the tragic loss of Mandy, the Maguire family are preparing to welcome a new addition to the clan, a baby son for Karen and Jamie. And baby Connor's arrival doesn't mean Joe Pritchard will loosen his hold on Karen, who soon discovers that motherhood brings on some unwanted Jackson family traits.
The Jockey's got a new landlady - Mimi Maguire - so Patrick has to come to terms with their separate living arrangements. While Kelly takes her new godparent duties to the extreme, boyfriend Shane gets involved with wedding scams - and then thinks about a wedding of his own.
Mickey and Ian now share a bungalow together, as the perfect odd couple. While over at the Gallagher's, Liam hits senior school and develops his first crush.
Meanwhile - Carl and Maxine get adventurous in the bedroom

i totally love shameless,, there is nothing better,, lol

How did Mandy die???

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Erm that mad cow that had Paddy hostage, well she got Mandy in the house by saying she found something, then when Mandy twigged and tried to get out she couldnt and the mad woman had a lighter and all the gas was on.
Then the gay bro (forgot his name already lol) pressed the door bell just as Paddy shouted no at him and then to late the whole place blew up!

Awww that sucks, I liked Mandy.

this is must see tv, we absolutely love shameless in our house, its fab:thumbsup:
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