yayyyyyyyyy my dog is in labour!!

    Sorry well excited hehe


    My cat joined the Liberals!

    A houseful of puppies to look forward to, I don't envy you, but still exciting.

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    1 pup born

    great just post the pics asap ~ what kind of dog?

    congrats amcol now you wont have to worry about this while you are having your wisdom teeth out

    Oh can I have one! Pupppiesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Congrats by the way :oops:

    Awww congrat's,good luck xx

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    Thanks all, still just the 1 at the moment. Will get pic in a mo

    Congrats to mummy doggie ...


    Thanks all, still just the 1 at the moment. Will get pic in a mo

    ooooo am so excited for you lol

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    piks or you're lying, that's the rules! lol

    Edit: omg, awwwwwwwwww ^^^^


    can I have one? Only if it stays that size mind.

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    I know i cried when she had first one, it was sooooo quick and just amazing.


    Awww adorable has she had anymore yet? you will be so busy hehe

    OMG!!!!! That puppy is gorgeous. You must be filled with so much exicetment and joy

    that is so cute lol

    so adorable!!! please give all new baby puppies a big kiss from me xx

    Thanks for posting pics

    Lovely puppy !!!!!!!!

    sooooo cute!!!!

    i like puppies

    awww absolutely delightful!!!

    Makes me want a puppy, don't think my two cats would like it though. They got jealous when I got a tropical fish tank lol!

    So cute, hope all goes well for the dogs & you

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    Pup 2 arrived

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    Number 3 here!

    are they boys? girls? are they all the same colour?


    What breed?


    Number 3 here!

    Wow... is there any more coming? I so wish I was there with you. I'm getting all anxious waiting here for the next update! :oops:

    c'mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!! LOL

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    Pup 1 is girl
    Pup 2 is boy - different colour
    Pup 3 is girl and same colour.

    They are staffys!

    have you got any pics of the other two? you're probably too busy but they are so cute xx

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    Yeah im getting there lol

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    Awwww. they are gorgeous. well done to mum. Oh I just know how you are feeling it`s so exciting. lol We could hardly take our eyes off ours when we had them,watching every little move. :-D

    wow! thanks for the pic Amcol. They are all lovely, Mum looks fairly content too, bless her


    Just beautiful, well done mummy! Pups and mum all look well. Enjoy!

    They are sooo cute - hope they're all doing fine :).

    Did she have them where you wanted her to in the end?

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    Nope she had them on my bed!!! Im sure there is another one to come just waiting now!

    Awww. lol. ooooooooooooo I wonder how many she`ll have. It`s so exciting:-D

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    Number 4 here!
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