Yeah another dopey question i know

    Quick question,

    After reading a few forums and looking at the deal requests and sale section, now and then the seller etc will post a post (wow sounded weird) saying BUMP, i just ignore it but now i want to know what it means haha.

    Thanks for wasting 2mins of your life that you will never get back if you decide to reply.


    basically, when you bump something, it brings it back to the top of the list so people viewing the forums can see it :thumbsup:

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    Ahhh so guessing there must be some sort of code behind it regarding that word in a particular thread, or am i just trying to look into it way to much, and to think i'm an IT Technician (hangs head in shame)

    Thanks by the way

    you can type anything. bump is just used to say you are 'bumping up' the thread.

    You get me?

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    Emm not really, i just fail to see how by saying that your thread can be moved up the list, without a MOD physically pushing it up......unless they do.....god its going to be a long day isnt it

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    Ahh hang on Coffee has kicked in now, got ya......i feel so stuid haha


    lol, i spose my explanation didn't really help, but at least you get it now!

    just think, Im replying to this thread and because I am, it moves to the top again :thumbsup:

    Lol @ Carzy. I love reading his questions, they always make me laugh. What do you expect from a fellow North Easterner.

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    haha, thx :P, luv 2 entertain
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