Posted 17th Nov
Can I just say, how impressive is the yelight, it was second smart bulb I brought after tp link one for only I think 6 pounds and all these years it's still working no problem, my hive bulb after a year stopped working I think cause it got little vibration near drill, tho there did replace but

I tried yelight bulb in a lamp with dimmer when accidentally triggered dimmmer switch, and oh no I thought won't come on now, but after a day, boom back working.
And then today I got two bulbs on one switch, a hive and yelight, now I noticed only problem with the yelight was about 3 seconds for it too turn on, which when you wanna go upstairs counts so I swapped them around and dropped the yelight bulb and heard it hit ladders and thought not going work after that but still working .

So I am just working this cheap Chinese bulb is marvelous.

I am also a fan of sonoff, there had there server problems but there just keep making improvements.
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