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    I am thinking of using Yell to build me a website, and enter my details across their Connect directory services.

    Just wondering if any of you have used them, and if you have any feedback, positive or negative.

    I am interested in doing some Google adwords campaigns, but know there isn't a lot of point unless I have an optimised site with social media connectivity.

    As an existing Yell directory customer I have been quoted £199 for the build and about £78 a month for connectivity and unlimited web changes.



    Way to expensive.. if you can't code yourself try "Mobirise" it's Pc based software which use blocks to build the site. Very simple to use and free.

    Buy a hosting package on ebay for £10 a month, then buy the domain for £1-10 a year . Upload your website to your host and link the domain. So much cheaper and your have full control over all of your sites.

    Adding Google Adsense is pretty simple but as you said in the OP you'll need a pretty decent site first.

    I started doing it, but changed jobs and have no spare time now.. It's still a small project I want to get back into though

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    I do already have a website I built myself on Go Daddy.

    It is ok, but I know it is not well optimised, and therefore any adwords campaigns will not really be very effective.

    If your current website is decent (looks/function etc) you can employ an SEO expert/company to fine tune your website to ensure you get decent online presence. The savings you stand to make will cover your adwords budget.

    So many of our clients have been ripped off by Yell and when you move away from them they won't let you take the site. I would avoid big time! You can also do the connect scan check for free and do it yourself

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    Thanks all for your advice.
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