Yellow fabric swimming hat/cap

    Hi all, does anyone know where I could possibly purchase 2 plain yellow fabric swimming hats from please, not the silicone/latex type, the ones made from I think polyester. I found a couple on ebay but reluctant to buy from China as I need them for starting secondary school in September and can't guarantee delivery by then.


    I got one for my lad from amazon, much easier then the hair pulling latex ones for a six year old. I believe the material is called spandex or a spandex mix. When you look on amazon don't worry when the search results show just a single colour in the pictures as often when you click on them they will show hundreds of colours and when you order just send a note with the colour you want.
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    Can't seem to find a plain yellow one on amazon, getting a bit desperate now, might have to order two from China and hope they get here by September (picture shows an orange one but states colour yellow on the colour section). Meanwhile I'll have another trawl through Amazon.
    Thanks for your input.

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    ive bought items on ebay before from china and usualy arrive fairly quickly. I would imagine if you ordered now you would have them in time for september - you could always contact the seller and ask how long for delivery

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    Think I might have found one on amazon, says available in different colours including yellow but only shows navy on checkout screen. I'll try contacting them tomorrow.
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