Yes Senseo or No Senseo

    A HUKD was recently posted for Senseo Coffee pods……543 One of the first comments was that "It's just that dishwater is usually free"

    I personally love my Senseo, a double Extra Dark Roast single serving, is a must for the morning.

    But it has got me thinking, I am well aware that its not the best coffee maker in the world, or the best way to make a truly out of this world caffeine hit. But, its quick, its clean, its (in my opinion) a good second best to the best. But thats just me.

    What does everyone else think that own or have tried a Senseo?


    They are pants, just one step up from an average office coffee machine.

    I like mine Voted hot... if I could ;-)

    Original Poster

    Stora what do you class as good then? What makes your caffeine day? I need to know, cause if I am missing out ....

    I like mine. I bought two. Much better than instant and easier to clean...
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