I had a quick look at your pics, and found a few websites that seem to sell all kinds of Team Zissou stuff but not the shirt you want. I did however find (on a search on bing's image search) this…yc/ blog, and the guys have made their own shirts, which look really realistic (from only seeing your pic you posted and theirs) so why don't you contact them and ask where they got the stuff from??

    Only a thought. Hope you find what you want.

    I know it's not the same material, but I thought the colour was nearly there:…htm

    Search for sky blue pilot shirts. that will give you the style you want even if its not the correct material. You could buy darker blue ribbon banding and glue/sew on to the shirt if you want the authentic look that you want. If the ribbon was attatched down the front over the buttons on one side only and at top and bottom, you should still be able to undo the buttons on the front. Hope that makes sense.…eve is an example of the style.

    I was in Paperchase today in Portsmouth (Gunwharf Quays) and they had blue ribbon strips for sale. Had a fairly decent size one that would probably do for the blue stripes on the shirt, and thought of you! Hope you are getting things sorted.

    Glad I could help.
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