Yes, Yes, Yes, I Got It :-)

    No, its not another moan, im just so excited my quidco for house insurance has been paid, £120 means i paid £20 for contents for this year :-D :-D :-D

    Who-hoo i only paid £20 for my buildings too in june :-D


    thanks for letting us all know.

    How much is your quarterly Gas bill? The suspense is killing me!

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    It was £47, there you go suspense over :-D dont you find the suspense adds a little excitement though :-D

    Nicely done, especially on something you actually need - the worst part about this site is that I always end up buying stuff I don't need at all.

    Seems you can do no right at times though, post a complaint (which is legimate) and people moan and now you get a sarcastic response when you post positively...sheesh.


    It was a bit of fun. Get over it.

    It's always a bit of a gamble with these insurance cash backs, do you go for the guaranteed cheaper option pre cashback or the more expensive option that's more profitable after cashback (hoping it tracks ok) - It's like gambling on the horses :giggle:

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    my first one never tracked, so paid up for the year :oops: Both of these have tracked and now paid out, i did house and contents sepertaly, they where no dearer than my orther quotes so had they not tracked i wouldnt have lost but as they have i have gained £220 meaning i paid £40 for both for the year

    P.s If they do not track withing your cooling off period you can cancel ;-)

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    got cash back for my car insurance £130.00 whoohoo

    its nice when it happens ;-) :thumbsup:

    Who did you go with Sassie???

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    Who did you go with Sassie???

    i went with barclays last year, never tracked and still got nothing

    This year went with

    LLoyds tsb and got £120 back
    Direct line and got £100 back

    Paid £260 between the policies and got back £220 :-D

    I went with Quidco listed them at £80 but only tracked at £50
    Still waiting for payout too and it was in July !

    Oh well - Glad you did so well

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    mine was in may, had pay out for one last month, and payout for the other just

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    what happens if these companies dont honour the cashbacks? can we … what happens if these companies dont honour the cashbacks? can we complain to them?

    no, but you can put in an enquiry to quidco, but thats about it, like i said once tracked it should be, if it doesnt track i would cancel, but thats about all you can do really, it isnt a guarenteed sum, its a bonus
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