yesasia are they any good?

    hi has anyone used before i want to order a game from them , do they label the parcel like dealextreme to save the import of will it be payable?

    if anyone can advise who has used them before i would be grateful.



    they are a good site, uk cuystomers dont have to pay vat and also spend $50 or over for free shipping

    sorry got it abit wrong been about a year since my last spend on yesasia, its $25 or over for free shipping good site though but some stuff are abit pricey -…74&

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    thanks ttese i am looking to buy the super mario brothers smash brawl, they have it listed as $49.99 which works out to be £25. ish i also looked at play-asia but they want £30.49 and postage ontop. seems yesasia are better for price with the free postage.
    can you tell me if you had to pay customs duty on you purchase as i think its £17.00 unless they label it led light ect as deal extreme do .

    yes vat free for everything except sony stuff.

    Bought quite a few things from them in the past >£17 and never had to pay vat/tax etc. But apparently if you are charged with vat you can email yesasia for a refund providing you got a receipt.…86&

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    thanks mmk1125 , i have ordered my item now, i used quidco as a new customer but the code QUIDCO5 isnt working on the yesasia site, i have mailed both quidco and yesasia but as yet no reply.
    has anyone used the quidco voucher and got it to work ?

    The code should be valid. Can you try again ? Min. order is USD 30.

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    hi, thanks stef i called up by phone after i placed my order and the discount was added to my order, i am very pleased with the level of customer service for a company not in the uk, my item arrived on monday after about a week and half wait. The email correspondance is also very good and i would recommend yesasia to my friends.
    thanks for your reply.
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