Yet another broken xbox 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advice needed

    Hi all, My xbox 360 appears to have developed a fault.

    I was playing Fifa yesterday and the picture kinda distorted but rectified itself after about a minute.

    When I tried to boot it up later there was no picture or sound coming through the TV. I have tried 2 different cables going through AV and also component setup but still nothing.

    I have also tried it on 2 different Tv's but same happens.

    After doing a little looking round on net it seems they can develop fault with the graphic card or whatever they have.

    Can anyone shed any light on whether I would be able to send it off to Microsoft for repair bearing in mind I have sent it off previously for RROD within last 12 months.



    go a bit easier on your consoles! sorry not much help


    get a ps3 - problem solved!

    seriously, if it is within two years of purchase then send it back again. Some people have had 5 repairs so a second one isn't uncommon.

    My ps3 also had to be sent back,

    my 360 red ringed the other day.
    Second time its getting fixed, if its within 1 year of buying it they'll repair free of charge.
    The three year warranty applies to 3 red rings only.

    However, getting on the phone and explaining how upset, disappointed you are will probs result in them taking it

    I have become quite well known for complaining to M$ about their **** quality consoles.

    I myself have had 4 repairs and 3 replacements.

    This is what will hapen.

    Since the change to the Indian call centre (from one based in the UK) they have been told to charge £50-£60 for ANY repair (unless its 3 red rings) if the console is out of warrenty, be prepared to argue, but shouting does nothing. If you shout and get angry and ask to be put onto a manager you will get one of the indian managers who are trained to deal with irate customers.

    You need to try and stay calm but argue the cost and request to be put through to a manager there and then. Hopefully at this point you will be put through to Germany. This as i understand is not a huge call centre its just a line to the repair centre.

    After explaining my problem and how many times it had been back (to the German man) he said he would help but needed manager approval which could take 48 hours, They rang me back a few hours later, the cost was reduced from £60 to £15, i got a brand new (reconditioned) Xbox 360. a new full warrenty and the whole process was speeded up to take no longer than 10 days.

    Problem solved. (for now)

    or you can get your xbox 360 the RROD. like i do

    Original Poster

    Thanks all that have replied so far, does anyone or could anyone get me the number from microsoft?

    I'm at work at minute and they filter everything so cant get on to the relevant site.

    Thanks :thumbsup:


    Assistance by phone:
    0800 587 1102

    or 020 7365 9792 from a mobile phone

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    Thanks again everyone, well, i've just spoken to the REALLY helpful customer support team in India (can you sense the sarcasm) anyway they wanting to charge me £60 to repair it cos the warranty expired. Had a proper sh!t day anyway so lost it with em.

    Doesnt look like i'll get a freeby repair so not sure what to do now. Might have to stick with my PS3??

    Rather than go through the hassle and pay £60 you could always buy an Arcade and sell off the wired controller, 246mb memory card and Arcade games.

    Would still be over £60 but at least it would be a new console that you could put your HDD in. If you're lucky you could even get hold of a bundle like Amazon's Fable 2 for £10 and get even more back.
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