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Me again...

I am intending to put 2 800w subs in the boot of the car but I have no knowledge of this stuff..

My question is, what size amp should I be looking at for the 2 800w subs and 4 door speakers (no idea on watts).

A friend is going to fit the subs and amp but need to look for something semi decent to run the subs.

Thanks in advance

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Tbh gooogle what sub your getting because some amps suit some subs than others. Also get a decent headunit ie pioneer or alpine etc

Personally I'd get a sep amp for the door speakers and I'd also add some tweeters in so your treble sounds good.

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I have a head unit which is fine, I am not after brand named parts as I can replace them later if I want something better, I am looking at something <£100 budget

what sort of wattage would I need minimum for the 2 subs and the 4 door speakers?


if your friend knows enough to fit it, one would think he knows what you need

Maybe invest in a hearing aid at the same time



Maybe invest in a hearing aid at the same time

too right - 800W in a car is just asking for permanent hearing damage - and constant stops by the police lol

Make sure you have really bad music playing really loudly and have your windows down to maximize how much you can annoy those around you.


why not just buy active sub units?



Why not get a decent car instead, you wouldn't need to drowned out the … Why not get a decent car instead, you wouldn't need to drowned out the popping and banging from the engine then

nail on the head time - you can polish a poo as much as you like but its still a lump of poo at the end of the day

EDIT: love how poo is allowed but T U R D isnt - bizarre!

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i have a 1000w kicker l7 with a 1200w amp but have the amp power half way up dont wanna blow the sub, the amp you should buy should be about the same watts as your sub if its any stronger make sure you keep the power low.

Try car audio security for amps and then just search the name on the bay for second hand ones.


A warning about the tweeters, they produce a frequency around the same as speech. High levels at this frequency will damage your ability to hear people speak...I speak from experience. I can barely hear people in my right ear just don't bother with them.

Currently running two Alpine Mono Amps with two JL subs plus Pioneer 6x9's, and Pioneer 4" door speakers plus 4 seperate tweeters, Head Unit is a Panasonic with 7 band eq and High /Low pass filters and sub control. I can run the setup at Max volume with crystal clear sound that is beautifully balanced.

Point being you need to build decent ICE around a decent Head Unit.

The amp RMS needs to be matched to that of the Subs, Ideally the Max Wattage for the subs should be more than the max output of the Amp.

Here's a brief course in car audio:

Also for tuning your amp-subs download this excel worksheet:…k88

TBH if you want good sound quality, unless your head unit has Low and High pass filters, you'll be wasting £ and time on a mobile GHETTO BLASTER.
At 800w a go on yoor subs the RMS could be around 200w if they are cheap subs and up to 400w for higher end subs.

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changed my plans for this as 2 800's are overkill. Just gonna put in one 800w.

I am not after a loud system, my 4 door speakers are loud enough for me, I just something which can kick some good bass (I listen to a lot of rock music, and like my bass).

I won't be blasting the stereo full blast with drum and bass crap, just want a nice bass kick.
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