YET another child is left in car to die :-( Updated 24/07

Found 21st Jul 2008…tml

So so sad

Another story where they left child in car…tml



Oh dear ... how tragic!! Poor little boy

She left him in the car for 3hrs !

That's really sad :-(

How can people do that!




How do you not notice your child is in the car?!!!

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When I say come back from the shops I open the door where my daughter is sat (still strapped in) and run as quick as possible in and out of the house with the shopping with her in my view, I don't go to the petrol station with her unless absolutely necessary, if I have to, again open the door so she isn't shut in then take her in with me to pay. I hate it when I get in the car and its really hot from the sun, it takes a while to cool down so the thought of that poor little boy being in there for 3 hours is awful



Really sad, bit strange that she could drive off and no-one realised that the kid wasn't there and had got back in the car. Surely you'd check that the kids were where they were supposed to be?



How do you not notice your child is in the car?!!!

Exactly! So sad :-(

Another one?!

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Yet another one, what is going on with the parents in this world????…tml

Really really sad, I take alot of care in ensuring that I know where my kids are at all times and that someone is looking after them but this sort of thing happens to people. I hope it never happens to anyone but it seems to keep happening at the moment.
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