Yet another Lcd/Plasma around £550 request....sorry!

    I am looking for a reasonable Tv -LCD or Plasma at around £550 preferably 40-42". I've unfortunately missed a lot of the JL and M&S deals and was wondering if anyone had come across anything over the past couple of wife has finally let me buy one after some persuasion!! Sorry to be a pain as I realise that a lot of people often request similar details! Have been scrolling through various sites but most places seem to be out of stock or the prices have gone back up on anything that seems reasonable... Any advice would be appreciated!



    £530 for a sony 40" at Dixons

    Your best bet is to start looking at them in the shops to get an idea of what you want size and make wise.

    I wanted a 40 or 42 inch with 1080p and after checking out TV's I had a list of 3 that were all above my £500 budget.

    I kept an eye on this site and a lot of others! and eventually got a 40" samsung for £499

    IMHO its quite a bit of money and a personal thing so you need to do some groundwork 1st!

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    Thanks very much for such quick replies, greatly appreciated shall take the advice on board and hopefully have a new TV for next week!

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