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Posted 16th Feb
I have a Yi outdoor camera installed at the back of the house at about 5m high. The footage is stored in a SD card, not paying for cloud.

I have now some footage wanting to keep. Is there any way I can do that without climbing up and remove the card to transfer?

I can use the mobile app to see the footage but it allows my to save the 6sec clip. When pressed for the entire clip, there seems to have no option to save (the entire video).

Any way to do that? At the time I borrowed a friend's ladder to install the camera, and I really don't fancy get up at that height under the current weather.

Please help.
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Couldn’t you just playback the video in full on your phone, and just use a screen recorder to capture the video?
I see your camara is very useful. NOT!
You can only download the 6 second clip. You cannot download the entire clip because that's the point of the cloud storage. They want to sell you something.

You'll have to get the SD Card out to view the entire clip.
Edit: Actually, you should be able to view entire clip .

Press "Entire clip" then press the "camera" icon. It will record the clip to your phone.
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Select "Entire Clip"


The press the Video camera icon on the left. It will then record to video to your phone.
To take a snapshot press the camera icon.

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So only a 'copy' of the clip can be recorded, but not the original with the right date and time? Any way to go round that for the future without paying for the Yi cloud?
Or is there one that is clear, waterproof/weatherproof IP camera out there which provide free cloud service? Or easy to obtain the complete clip out (transferred from the SD)? What are you guys using?
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