Yi - support from SD card to finish

Posted 21st Oct 2022
Email I received from Yi. I have 4 of their cameras, and it looks like I and others will be forced to subscribe to save video.
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  1. PaulandPam's avatar
    You're totally wrong, that message doesn't even mention sd card storage, its just the free 6 second cloud storage thats going.
    If you already use a SD card it'll make no difference.
    jcrider's avatar
    That is true, although the 6 second notification for me has been extremely useful to see where on my SD card I need to scroll back to, to see the recording in full.
  2. AndyRoyd's avatar
    The text in the image does not even hint at a change of SD-based footage access, just withdrawal of the freebie 6 sec cloud-based clips.
    is there additional text specifically referencing SD-based footage change?
  3. crevitz215's avatar
    Yi-hack has a fairly good compatibility list; if you want to move to an open source setup
  4. bobbitchin's avatar
    You can't win...
  5. bob-mk2's avatar
    On the plus side, at least they were relatively cheap to buy compared to the other systems on the market.

    I used to like their stuff.
  6. RoosterNo1's avatar
    I have noticed odd behavior recently... I can ONLY view sd card clips that were recorded when the WiFi was on !
    We turn our router off at night, and on again in the morning... Anything the cameras recorded over night isn't visible on their app !
  7. aLV426's avatar
    I guess this means the extra features they where going to bring to the PC viewer aren't going to be realised then? (edited)
  8. aLV426's avatar
    So any one got any better camera manufacturer options?
    All the features without the subscription requirement (I don't expect cloud based storage to be free, I do however expect to be able to use the majority if not all the other features without having to signup/pay more!)
    Uridium's avatar
    Reason I still prefer good old analogue CCTV, Annke's DVR's have a great user interface and also have a great Android app that allows remote viewing\playback.
  9. pazlo's avatar
    Nothing in that screenshot shows anything about stopping SD card support?

    The 6 second clips are free cloud storage so that's going.
  10. AndyRoyd's avatar
    So any one got any better camera manufacturer options?
    Not suggesting "better" but if still wanting to retain freebie cloud storage then the self-contained completely wirefree £19.99 USB-rechargeable battery cam by respected brand Swann may suit, and no 6-seconds restrictions rubbish - mine often record continuously up to one minute clips; 7-day rotation. Usual optional sub; no onboard expansion.
    PIR-based movement detection (only) so no false triggers from swaying branches, rain, snow, etc, but no recording of cold bricks self-throwing themselves through your window...
  11. dach's avatar
    Just to let you know, they have been sending me that email for the past 4 years. I still have the alerts and the 6 second clips.

    Their APP often gets updated with buggy versions that prevent alerts working correctly, for that reason I never automatically update the YI app, I wait and read the latest reviews before updating.

    Latest bug in their app is that you can't always see SD recordings that took place when Wi-Fi was down in your home. This seems to be due to the fact that the recordings don't match with an alert (alerts couldn't be sent because Wi-Fi was down). The work around for this is to open the app, look at the time window where you are expecting to see a recording, wait 2 minutes and the recording will show in the time line once the app has had chance to scan the SD card.
    AndyRoyd's avatar
    Refreshing to read informative deadpan drama-less detail - an increasingly rare event on this forum. Thanks.
  12. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Gotta love the hit-and-run thread concept:
    post fake news and never be seen again
  13. dach's avatar
    In the app settings there's an option to "Opt out of launch scrren promotion". Works mostly but still get the odd popup whenever the app is updated.
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