Yipee, Just got a hold of Professor layton

    Im so excited i have been looking for this for week. Getting it for xmas yipee!!


    Only the best DS game ever.

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    who is professor Layton??

    A sexy man i found up a lane :lol:

    Its a game for the DS

    It's fantastic my wife play's it all the time:santa:

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    black gerbil1;3731510

    Ok its just aswell as i don't know what they eat :lol:

    where from?

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    where from?

    Its in the deal section from pc world.

    how much was that bb?

    I got it too - I've only played a few mins.

    Gotta say the video and voices used in the game are just fab.

    Is it all puzzles all the way thru? anyone in the know?

    Yep just puzzles, you have to navigate around, and randomly 'click' to find hint coins.

    I think there's about 120 puzzles, it really is awesome though!!

    Well done op, hope you're not planning on doing anything after christmas though.....

    I managed to get hold of three yesterday. Just happened to walk in the Game store near where I work and they had three behind the counter. I got one for my mum and two for friends who were after them.

    My copy from PC World in yesterday's deal just got cancelled


    My copy from PC World in yesterday's deal just got cancelled

    yep mine too :x

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    Yeah mine too, Not impressed dam PC world!! :x
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