Last night I arrived home to a letter from Addtions Direct apologising that LBP was not available until the 15th Disappointed I tried to go on and enjoy the rest of my evening, it was hard, but I made it through...

    I also received a little red card from the postman explaining that I wasn't in during the day (I knew that already and I wasn't the only one - he was out too - smug b4st4d!

    Anyway, when to collect at lunchtime (where I found a spiral-shaped queue weaving through the Post Office and I was joyous when the grumpy, overworked numbskull behind the counter passed me an envelope containing Little Big Planet and my very own Sack Boy! Yipppeeeee!

    Anyone want to see him?


    go on then, are you getting cod5 gwendes? see you playing more singstar than cod4 lately

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    go on then, are you getting cod5 gwendes? see you playing more singstar … go on then, are you getting cod5 gwendes? see you playing more singstar than cod4 lately

    LOL! I'm playing Singstar tomorrow, girlfriends birthday- might sneak in an hour of CoD4 tonight

    why can't you people talk english

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    why can't you people talk english

    I have to say that I think my English is very good. We're talking about console games...

    And English has a capital 'e'. Just so you know.

    dearest giles,

    so sorry for the lack of capital - that seems to be a common problem nowadays eh?

    my point is, i would love to know what gamers talk about, but it is oh-so-rare to have people use game titles.

    instead, they talk about cod4 (saw some of those in iceland the other day, £1.99 - not bad - breadcrumbs or batter?), sof2, pgp5, wtf8 and so on and so on and so on.

    i just think it's a bit lazy - though some people may say the same about me not using capitals.

    anyway - i have a sega megadrive with 7 games for sale - how much eh?? eh??

    games are sth, rx, madwol, ha2, a3, ta and another one but i can't remember the initials.

    I can only type 'call of duty' so many times, so much easier to type cod (I like batter).

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    LOL! I'm allowed to use a conjunctive to start a sentence because I understand the rules. It was used deliberately to simulate the way I would have spoken those words had I not been writing them.

    Thanks for the rep!

    nee probs
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