Hi, Bought a PS3 off here about a year back, and after 3 months it got YLOD.
Have been busy with uni work so havent got around to fixing it, anyone know how much Sony charge to fix the problem?
Or has anyone managed to wrangle a free fix from them?


ABOUT £125 mate.

Just spend a few quid extra and get a new slim.

Yep, sell it on mate, I sold my YLOD PS3 Fat a few months back and bought a slim, people still buy them for parts, (Hdd, Bluray drive ect) so best bet id just sell it as YLOD and put that towards a new Slim.
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It's pretty easy fixing it yourself following this guide, all the tools you need are cheap to get.

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yeah its a 60gb model tho... bit of a ****

Try to fix it temporally then sell it to game.
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