Posted 5th Jan 2023
I am a super buyer on vinted with 1000 ( 50 or so parcels a week delivered ) or so purchases without issue then this week it's all gone pear shape. I've well not had 4 parcels delivered marked as delivered by the same driver the same 2nd delivery shift. This has only just started to happen which is VERY odd.

I've emailed Vinted customer services and filled out the supplied denial of delivery 4 times , called yodel who can only say it's delivered with a loose description of a proof of delivery picture of a back door somewhere or someones ???

what's the likely outcome of this matter as I've had parcels go missing however everyday at 5pm when I'm in and waiting for them. This says to me 1 of 2 , stolen by someone I suspect the driver or the driver is delivering them to someone else.
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    Wait...You buy 50 things a week off Vinted?!
    Resell on a website
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    Why do people continue to use awful couriers like yodel and evri
    Buyers don't always get to choose.

    Sellers don't really care other than about cheapest way to send something
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    The drivers are self employed, he has stolen your parcels, its a nice bonus for them. Do you have cctv, that would be useful to claim no delivery.
    Unfortunately not at the postal address. Due to work they go to mother in laws. I am thinking of getting sent to local shop. I think less likely to be stolen as they deliver them by the sack so less chance to have a shifty through them like individual deliveries.
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    i used to get great service from yodel. the last few weeks it's been 3 or more different drivers instead of the regular guy and service has been terrible. at xmas i had a parcel stuck sent on a monday, arrive at the local depot on the wednesday and over 2 and half weeks later after daily chasing up on webchat it arrived about 9pm on xmas even, with no email saying it was out for delivery or had been delivered, and the parcel was just left downstairs where it could have been nicked, especially if i hadn't bothered checking the app and seeing it was out for delivery and then dissapeared from being out from delivery

    within that 2 week period i had 2 deliveries from timberland send on seperate days much later, that were delivered

    i got a delivery from timberland yesterday that was due the day before, and another order that arrived in the local depot yesterday that was due for delivery yesterday didn't arrive, so hopefully will come today

    i think the delivery services are just overloaded, they can't get decent staff due to the money, and the bank holidays etc and sales and RM strikes are just making it worse, so once they struggle to manage, they get a backlog that builds up as once things start to slip they don't get better until normal service slows down

    with DPD i had an order stuck in the birmingham warehouse for about a week before moving to my local depot. they seem to be struggling too

    hermes is the usual slow and the app and tracking isn't updating properly so you have no idea when you are going to get it. with them being most likely to leave parcels at "your safe place" you need to keep an eye out to make sure things don't go lost

    UPS, i presume my stuff comes from abroad, so it's slow, but it turned up the estimated date. driver pointed out the two local drop off points they'd leave stuff at if i wasn't in, have both closed, so the nearest place is a while back

    similarly when i try and choose a drop off point for hermese or amazon, when there are a couple in my street, apart from asos and zavvi i usually get an error saying not available

    RM has still been fine, got a 24 hour parcel yesterday. only had a delay with one cheap thing i wasn't bothered about

    i literally have a row of delivery apps on my phone to keep checking where my stuff is
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    They are all just as bad as each other. I’ve got a parcel being delivered by Evri and for the last 3 weeks I get and email stating that they’ve got my parcel and will deliver, tracking shows nothing at all, really frustrating.
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    My sisters were going missing too. Found out, all to have been stolen by the driver.
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    Well they sent confirmation that all four parcels were delivered to the same address , can anyone spot the difference ?
    Avatar's your front door, the other is your back door.
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    Yodel and Evri have gone really bad since September last year. Evri have lost or stolen five of my Christmas presents and I can’t get refunds till it’s marked as lost. The warehouse is full of parcels in preston but no one to deliver them because of pay issues etc since they changed from Hermes. Yodel delivered two of my parcels this week from before Christmas and both had been opened to see what was inside etc and the state of the boxes were like they had been thrown round the warehouse. They need looking into because thousands lost money or parcels
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    I think Yodel are now fiction writers, based on the last two tracking updates for deliveries....
    Never had any problems over the years but regarding the last three items purchased via Ebuyer, two out of three deliveries had problems and one is still ongoing. (edited)
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    update to this , I found a bunch of my parcels and my sister in laws parcels at a house couple of doors down by the animal print matt as shown. This included a £250 Samsung sound bar that had been missing for about 3 weeks.
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