YODEL announces LATE deliveries/collections

Found 12th Dec 2014
Heads up! Be aware when you are doing online shopping that if your supplier uses YODEL to deliver then you are likely to have to wait 72hours + beyond expected delivery times for your items.


Some companies I know use Yodel
Tesco Direct

Im posting this as I had no clue even after reading the news this morning and it was a lady at Clarks who called to tell me my order would not be arriving in time for my saturday delivery and could only suggest collection from store in 3-5 days!!! (grrr, need the shoes for a wedding on sunday).

***I said "BEYOND EXPECTED delivery times" ***

Peacocks also use them
- vixxi
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I'm just trying to decide whether to vote this hot or cold!
Me Too

they've always done late deliveries
Not the first time this company has not the demand, delivery methods are not the best either
Thanks foe the warning, appreciate it
Some people are going to be worrying about the Soap & Glory sets they have just ordered.
Dont like yodel !!
I also thought it was a standard prctice for yodel to deliver parcels 72 hrs later than expected, or at least that seems to be the case whenever iv'e had anything delivered by them!
ooops -- voted cold, then engaged brain - as its probably something that should be HOT - and possibly should be put as a sticky by the mods - AT THE TOP !!! This is important info - oh and appologies again for the cold vote - I am such a moron at times
Sold something on eBay at the start of the month, shipped with Yodel on 48hr service. It was collected on the 3rd, didn't arrive until the 11th. So even 72hrs might be a bit ambitious.
Great deal 10/10 would vote again
I had a text to say my delivery was delayed yesterday morning , 2 hours later it arrived .
Scorching. Do you get Quidco?

My Tesco Direct click and collect order was delayed but only for a day. The main problem was their order tracking had problems. It was sat in store for a week waiting for collection but they didnt tell me!



Dont like yodel !!

Me neither they pulled the ' we came to collect your parcel but you were not in ' scam on me a couple of weeks ago. We were in all day 4 of us and they definitely did not call. Had to re book it and a 48 hour delivery took 4 days.


Me Me neither they pulled the ' we came to collect your parcel but you … Me Me neither they pulled the ' we came to collect your parcel but you were not in ' scam on me a couple of weeks ago. We were in all day 4 of us and they definitely did not call. Had to re book it and a 48 hour delivery took 4 days.

exactly the same problem for me ! I have always had problems with this delivery company
Maybe closer to a week late. I made a order last week. It started its process to get to me Thursday. It has not moved since then. So now day 8 and not budged. From borenwood
Yodel delivering late ? You don't say!
I ordered something that came by Yodel on Wednesday, it arrived just 5 minutes ago. Lucky me!
A week later and a week after the 24 hiur delay text and my tracking still says waiting to be collected, when speaking to yodel they said they have collected it and it is in their service centre but not been scanned in yet, so gos knows where it is up to
They've had my parcel since Monday and their tracking seems confused as to where it actually is right now. This is for an item I bought from a third party seller on Amazon, had no idea they'd be using this shower. I think I'm going to start contacting anyone I buy from in future that if they use Yodel, I won't buy from them anymore. If only lots of other people did the same!
I saw you say there is an expected 72hr delay on receiving your parcels?

I did not know yodel actually delivered anything or if they do its by accident and when they do I'm sure its not to the right person or address.

I'm guessing you know I don't particularly rate or like them. Thankfully I got everything I need
Just ordered an outfit from very that I need for a wedding a week tomorrow! it better come on time. I've never had any bother with them before
Delivering late... more like just throwing your parcel in a bush then saying it's been delivered
Awful company, just leave your parcel propped up against your front door in full view for everyone to see and take!
my argos delivery failed to be delivered 4 times or more first due to argos rmisprinting address and then yodel didn't read the note sent by argos, then it was just left in the rain for two days when I said I wasn't home, came home two days later to a cardboard box full with water. Now have a missing tesco direct delivery due today sigh....

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My order from very arrived today after sitting at their delivery hub since the 5th, should have arrived last thursday
Thorntons +hermes x yodel = shambolic
I wondered what was going on with my Argos parcel... out for delivery on Tuesday then return to hub on Wed.
That would explain why an Amazon prime delivery that was due on the 5th turned up today. Amazon were close to sending a replacement as there was no tracking information either. Make sure you notify Amazon though if it's a prime delivery delayed - they tend to add another month to your membership
I ordered from Clarks yesterday on 3 to 5 days and they arrived today with Hermes my local courier lady she is the best
Argos also use yodel! I ordered from them today and I was told that yodel will deliver it tomorrow... Reading through the comments I'll expect it next weekend :-/
Ordered something from sportsdirect and wondering why my parcel has not come yet and when i checked on dispatch, they also used Yodel !
Newlook also uses yodel, they have stopped parcels being sent via yodel until they have confirmation they have sorted the back log out
This company is absolutely rubbish. They once left my parcel in the recycling bin! The note said in the black bin! I had to look in 4 dustbins and 4 recycling bins before I found it.... (I lived in a flat then)
They once decided to use the alley way door and threw it over the fence into my garden...didn't leave any note, I chased parcel up just got told its been delivered. Complained to BHS, got a refund. Then 3 weeks later when I went in my garden I found a black parcel!
I've Been waiting 2 weeks for my delivery!
They have let themselves into my house before now... And it's an.obvious front door with doorbell!!
I received a text today from yodel at 14.45 saying my parcel is out for delivery and will be with me between 12.00 and 21.00 but nothing...tracking still says today by 21.00! Best get here soon, I already had one failed trip to Argos after reserving the item only to find they didn't have it!!
I've ordered from Sports direct who use Yodel.I was in all day waiting after receiving a msg saying 'out with driver'...Then received a msg at 5pm saying there was a problem with my address and to call them.. Not Happy!
Yodel are a joke... I had a parcel collection scheduled for 26/11 was eventually picked up 28/11 and despite me chasing it every day, it was never delivered and my customer had to do a 50 mile round trip to collect on 10/12 - utter shambles. Suspending collections from the public won't help, it's obviously an over subscribed network to all the major retailers.
Ordered from Jack Wills Clothing on 1st December & no delivery to date (12th December) come on Yodel, this is getting silly now...
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