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Yodel well what do I say......living the dream???no a nightmare. This company has not a clue. Sweat shops in the U.K. You will never get an honest answer from Yodel only because they haven't got a clue themselves. Please don't mistake my bad review on the employees it's starts from CEO down to Operation Managers. The Indians excuse the wording are poorly trained overworked, bullied and don't have this countries employment laws to help them. Sort it out Mike Cooper.

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that's it? No good gossip?


Chip on shoulder or a naan bread on shoulder?

How long before this gets deleted?

yodel is the worst delivery company. In several occasions they said they try to deliver (a pushchair from mothercare)but I was not at home, when I was at home. they said they left a card, when they didn't. After more than 2 weeks waiting I cancelled my order and bought from argos instead



How long before this gets deleted?

No idea but HUKD should set up a "biatch about companies" section.

I feel your pain. Hermes aren't much better. Absolutely no way to get in touch with them if you ever have a problem. The telephone number is a recorded message telling you to use the online chat, who in turn won't help you and instead tell you to use the telephone number. This is something I've experienced on two seperate occasions over 18 months apart so seems to be standard operating practice for them.

I guess that's what we get for expecting cheap delivery on online purchases. Pay peanuts, you get monkeys!


No idea but HUKD should set up a "biatch about companies" section.

Or a moan about other people's opinion section...



Or a moan about other people's opinion section...

Hello Ross

How are you? Hope you are having a lovely new year full of happiness & joyful events.

I am hoping that maybe that will help stop you being so much of a ........

Anyway. I have other things to do. Goodnight buddy.

I've never had any problems with yodel myself used to use Hermes but found them a discrace in more ways than one with lost parcels etc so then started using yodel and found them great in every way even the drivers are pleasent such so I know them by first name terms now :-) I think it depends on the area and area managers aswell as the drivers as I'd recommend yodel over all other couriers any day.

Think yodel are quiet good myself, have allsorts delivererd so i do think a lot is down to the drivers themself. My regular driver is great,has even rang me up on a sunday to see if i was in as he would be in my area to deliver a xbox one as it couldnt be left with neighbour and i wasnt home on saturday. Sunday was his day off, so dont think we should tar them all with the same brush.

received my deliveries, just like any other, polite too.

forged my signature 3 times. Shocking.

had a parcel track all the way from China to their Leeds warehouse, then it got 'lost' in transit, from a warehouse.
their local delivery driver is good, its just a shame some of their staff are pilfering from warehouse.
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