Yodel marked item as "delivered" but nothing has been delivered...

Found 9th Dec 2017
So i ordered something from ebay from USA. Took 3 weeks and finally it got marked as "delivered" by Yodel.
The noted the driver left "delivered through the letterbox". The property is a business premises and we do not have a letterbox of any kind.
So i ring up to find out where the parcel is, I get "oh we'll do a driver interview and get back to you." I dont ear anything so i ring back the next day and then get told "oh the driver is on holiday for 5 days and will have to ring back"
So of course i wasn't happy after a bit of shouting on the phone the agent on the phone managed get some more info. my door number is 21, and apparently the packaged was scanned outside number 17. So i think he must have dropped it off at 17, so i go there and its a closed down shop which has been shut for over a year. I ask number 15 and they haven't received anything either.
I open a claim through ebay and that gets declined as the seller can provide tracking history which shows it being delivered.
Its not the seller's fault its Yodel...
I have no idea what to do, every time i ring yodel i get the same crap, oh we'll get in touch woth the local depot and get back to you.

I know i probably wont get my package but how to go about claiming from Yodel?
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Have u took photos of your house door etc. Did u pay through PayPal. I had problems with seller but with Hermes driver saying the same. Ebay went with seller because of tracking so I went through paypal. Sent all the info with picture etc and I got my money back. Ebay siding with sellers a lot recently
Yeah paid through PayPal, think that'll be my last resort.
Whilst speaking to the yodel agent, he actually confirmed himself that there's no letterbox by looking at Google Street view. They have also admitted that the item was scanned at a different address to mine.
I've emailed eBay giving them all the info so far.
I'll never trust Yodel after them being on Rogue Traders, so many untrustworthy employees there. Hermes #1
You said your a business have you got cctv from the day?
You lost an eBay claim because the item shows as delivered, a Paypal claim will go the same way.

Have you actually spoken with the seller and given them the evidence that the carrier gave you that the driver scanned the delivery outside number 17?

The seller contracted the carrier, they are the ones who can chase it up. You cannot claim from Yodel as you have no contract with them.
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Clis1 h, 1 m ago

I'll never trust Yodel after them being on Rogue Traders, so many …I'll never trust Yodel after them being on Rogue Traders, so many untrustworthy employees there. Hermes #1

I had the same thing happen to me last year with Hermes. What a bunch of morons they are. No phone number, use web chat and they nothing at all about anything and if you try even try to ask for a phone number or to talk to a manger ect they cut you off!
Any company that uses Hermes doesn't get an order from me.
I've emailed the seller today, just waiting for a reply. I don't think i'll win any paypal claim.

Thing is what i ordered was a very specific part for something only a certain business would use...it wasn't like a phone or other tech that the driver can sell on or use him/her self. So i don't get it, why not just redeliver.
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