"Yodel Your Delivery your call"You'd be better delivering it yourself!

Found 12th Apr 2012
Hi Folks Just having a gripe at that wonderful company trying to take Royal Mail/Parcelforce business.
I bought some expensive bulky items off E-bay and had good communication Seller said dispatched and gave me details I was able to track the items to a Swindon depot then the next thing I get is a"we missed you today when we called to deliver/collect"Not even sorry written on it!
Well you either ring an AUTOMATED service or go on line to re book.So I did and stayed in most of the time outside in the drive with the big wooden gate actually OPEN so no mistake I'm in.
No possibility I could be missed Got concerned by 5.00PM Checked their website deliveries from 7.00 am to 9.00pm,that's okay then still time,maybe i've not wasted a day.!0.00pm comes no parcel so I HAVE WASTED a day.
Tried to fathom a way to contact them website won't let you.no details or address on the card.They are useless.
Come back Parcelforce.Before you ask I don't work for them....
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was it cheap?

i waited in two day (which yodel said my item would be delivered). Nothing came, then they deliver it the day after the second day i was off. Luckily my neighbour took delivery for it.

If you can't talk to a LIVING PERSON, did you try getting hold of a dead … If you can't talk to a LIVING PERSON, did you try getting hold of a dead one?

haha thats soo funny hahahahaha

the tears are coming
You could drive to the depot if it bugs you that much.
or you could pay a few extra quid for a reputable service for less stress, whinging and wasted days waiting for a delivery that might never come.

what was the price difference in using yodel and ups for example?

Instead of typing all that, have you actually looked for your depots phone number???
Yodel are a complete shower of *****, but it's perfectly simple to talk to a member of staff if you just call your depot.
They're rubbish.
Half the time they have come to my house they just walk up with a "Sorry we missed you" note and walk off.
Not realising i've seen exactly what they did. . .
At least they gave you a card, most of the time they don't even bother doing that!

or you could pay a few extra quid for a reputable service for less … or you could pay a few extra quid for a reputable service for less stress, whinging and wasted days waiting for a delivery that might never come.what was the price difference in using yodel and ups for example?

I read it that he was the buyer, not the seller.

I read it that he was the buyer, not the seller.

ok thanks for letting me know oO

ok thanks for letting me know oO

So why would you pay for a courier and then waste time waiting for a delivery?
Hi Guys and Gals
It gets better and funnier if it wasn't so damn annoying.I was at Louth Hospital today (Been ill due to recurring work accident,hence why I was at the hospital ) Mr Yodel rang using the info I put on the gate on Wednesday evening at 4.55 pm,it had my number on it,explaining,I was shattered and couldn't wait any longer as I needed a rest.
He said he was here now and needed a signature on his "electronic" reader!I know he does but had not been re scheduled for today but for Wed 11th!He admitted it hadn't even been on the van yesterday,as it was his round and he would have known!
So some dumb clerk at the office then?
As people have said I am over a barrel as I,m the buyer.I didn't choose Yodel but of course I,m paying for it as E-Bay works that way...You can only get the depot address not a telephone if you go through to elect to collect from their depot(In Lincoln 25 miles away 50 mile round trip!)
The laugh bit is when you go to set up collection in person on the website,they following message pops up."RE-SCHEDULE YOUR PARCEL Why not let us do the work and re-schedule your delivery".
They couldn't do the work if you gave them a stamp and showed them were the postbox was!
Anyway delivery is verbally re-scheduled for tomorrow and either my wife or I will definitely be in,someone around ALL day.With our dogs being an efficient battery free doorbell.They can't fail.Fingers crossed for Yodel!!!
By the way Hotukdeals.com,everyone makes this a great site. Thank you very much people.

Putting your contact number on display outside your property was a bad idea!

Anybody wishing to gain access to your property in your absence to fill their swag bag of your finest (previously delivered) items can now just call you to check you are out before they break some glass, cut themselves on entry, & then take you to court for having glass shards scattered around your floor without proper supervision.

Hope you get better soon.

It sounds like you need some good luck for a change.


Yodel is a rubbish, with me I already had few bad experiences with Yodel.
Experience No.1: I received a letter saying I missed something important (I was expecting my passport) so I tried calling them on 0871 244 0525 to rearrange the delivery. As I live in block of flats next morning at 9 am somebody rang the bell, I answered it and said i m just coming, As I came out of the house I saw him leaving on his motor bike and he said He cant wait as he have lots of things to deliver. I call them again and two days after the same guy came to deliver my passport.
Experience No.2: VIRGIN sent me new wireless router via yodel. Expected date gone no delivery came, Next day my neighbor found a box outside the flats with my name on and gave it to me.
Experience No.3: Got new Mobile phone agreement with Virgin once again phone was expected via yodel, few days gone no parcel came, when I call virgin and yodel they both said the parcel was received but they dont know who received the parcel and they dont even have signatures. So I cancelled the contract.
Everytime with yodel got lotsssssssssss of problems. Hate this company.
so you expect them to say sorry for you not being in when they try to deliver?

Also, out for delivery does not guarantee delivery on that day. Same for RM etc.
Only expect a more polite note shows they care more!
Anyway the good news is my parcels arrived this afternoon,just like the delivery man I spoke to yesterday said they would.He was a bit more on the pulse than the office or warehouse! Seems if the office had been as efficient as their computer purported to be then I,d have got them on Wednesday 11 th.by the way the seller despatched them on the 3 rd April and expected them to be with me the next day which I calculate to be the 4 th April which was a Wednesday.Would have worked beautifully.
Delivery man was pleasant asked where I wanted them and helped me in with them so a better side of Yodel at last.
I have spent another day wasted the 2nd holiday I have had to take off work waiting for a tent to be delivered from yodel which I am supposed to be going camping in on Friday looks like I will be having to cancel my camping unless I can get a similar tent elsewhere, leaving me with 2 very unhappy children and a very annoyed wife. Before I get comments regarding the lateness of me buying a tent so late I had a tent which I loaned to a " friend " which when I put up on Saturday hadn't been packed away properly an had been left with holes in.
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