york-outlet.co.uk Dodgy?

Posted 7th Nov 2022

Anyone comment on whether this website is legit?
Looks dodgy to me, and has mobile number for contact.
Their address is a multi occupancy office block.
They claim to be owned and operated by ALL&GOO LTD

All & Goo Ltd had no assets on their 2021 accounts and are based in Brighton.
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  1. melted's avatar
    Hmm, same contact number for town-outlet.com

    About us
    SOLD ONLINE LTD is registered in the U.K. (company number 07803614). The head office is at 64a St. Johns Crescent, Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3NE. Knees Home and Electrical’s VAT number is 137444173.

    and star-outlet.com

    This site is owned and operated by PLUMB TOOLS DIRECT LIMITED, Unit 2 Capital Business Centre, Garnett Close, Watford, United Kingdom WD24 7GN.

  2. tcf's avatar
    Pay by direct credit card, NOT PayPal, as it's over £100, and you'll get section 75 cover.

    Having said that, isn't Aldi doing similar for £89 at the moment, with three year warranty? (edited)
    Bobbajob's avatar
    It's for a friend who already ordered one, and I thought it looked dodgy. He's requested a refund from his bank to be on the safe side.
  3. Shure's avatar
    Not a chance I'd be ordering anything from that site
    Even if it was legit the prices don't seem that good to stray me away from safe place like John Lewis/Amazon etc (edited)
  4. Bobbajob's avatar
    Definitely thinking scam site.
  5. ronniejb's avatar
    Domain created 2022-08-11

    Barely 3 months old website
    Gingerdan's avatar
    Or barely a day old
  6. Bobbajob's avatar
    I messaged them the other day and asked what connection they had with the other two sites, and they claimed to have never heard of them. I asked why they had the same number, and they acted dumb.

    Now all the numbers have been changed.
  7. john.pughscS's avatar
    Also have the same set up on their web chat as Royal-gadgets.com who are also owned and operated by all&goo ltd, ordered an air fryer, payment went through another company called Fondy.eu and the got an email the next day from Fondy to say ‘for some reason I had canceled the order they have refunded the amount’ and yes the word canceled is spelt incorrectly in their email.
  8. BobbysMum's avatar
    I've just been looking at the Ninja Air Fryer, £100 cheaper than any other site. Checked with chatbot that it is brand new and yes they claim it is. However, unable to pay via a credit card. Christopher the chatbox Manager says that they don't take credit cards which is different to the homepage which shows the logo's of several providers. I specifically asked 'not even American Express' and now not getting a response at all. I would avoid, seems too good to be true and you can't protect yourself. I'll pay full price elsewhere thanks.
  9. melted's avatar
    Anyone reported them to NCSC, they claim to be able to take down scam sites:- ncsc.gov.uk/sec…ite
  10. harriet.nethercot's avatar
    Just seen a air fryer on there for £150. Deffo looks dodgy. Thanks for posting this!
  11. tony.mason's avatar
    I also got attracted to the air fryer but with no protection against fraud, gave it a wide berth
  12. Kayla501's avatar
    It’s definitely dodgy, my sister ordered an air fryer, but cancelled it with them after a couple of hours, told it was cancelled would receive a refund within 7 days, after looking through some things on there site and looking around she’s sent them multiple emails and has not had any reply , the live chat with Christopher won’t even come up for her a anymore unless she clears her cache and as soon as she goes an presses for help it completely disappears so she can’t contact them, never received a refund , waiting for the bank to deal with dispute and hopefully get her money back
    EllenWilliams's avatar
    Hi did she have any luck with the bank the same has happened to my daughter
  13. sophie.whittaker's avatar
    This is a scam page!
    I ordered of this website and have made contact with the bank, they said it was an open payment even though I was taking to my online banking to verify the payment, how has Lloyds bank allowed this company to come on to my online banking and have no noticed it was a scam page? Has anyone else experienced this as they are saying there’s a highly unlikely chance I’ll receive a refund. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Bobbajob's avatar
    My friend managed to get a refund from Monzo. But this was very soon after he had placed the order.
    korobos.kahn's avatar
    Hi, the same happened to me but I notice that it was dodgy after 3 days and contact monzo. They still not refund me.
  15. Bobbajob's avatar
    He's done it again.

    He followed a link from HUKD to mallero.uk/pro…ck/

    Placed his order at £199 through Klarna.When he came back to HUKD the link had been removed saying 'sorry this link has been removed as it didnt meet our quality checks'

    Has he done it again?
    Their Contact is a mobile number?
  16. Richard_MorrisEmA's avatar
    Ordered NINJA AF300UK 13 NOVEMBER Still waiting emaiils no reply phone incorect number, looks like I have lost £118.00 be very careful do not use
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