york races tips please!

    we're 4 single ladies off to the races tomorrow and we dont have a clue what we're looking for in terms of betting! help us please, any tips????



    look out for


    and bet all your cash on that!

    The races are a great day out
    Just go for the favourites ,and dont bet what you can't afford to lose :thumbsup:

    Either get a paper and go with their tips or just pick names of horses you like the look of etc.

    Either way you will have fun and lose money.

    How to Bet at the Course
    There are three very simple ways in which racegoers can place a bet at the racecourse:

    # The Tote
    # Bookmakers
    # Racecourse betting shop

    The Tote
    Tote Betting The Tote offers 'pool based' bets, where all bets on a horse nationwide form a pool of money that is then shared amongst the winners. The distinctive red Tote betting booths with television screens show the estimated dividends, but the final dividend will only be known once the pool closes at the beginning of the race and no further bets can be taken.

    # Placing a bet with the Tote is simple. Go to any kiosk and state: the race number
    # the number of your chosen horse
    # the bet type
    # the amount you wish to stake

    The cashier will then give you a ticket with the details of your bet. This ticket is important and will need to be presented back to the Tote to collect any winnings at the end of the race.

    The bookmakers can be found in all Enclosures on the racecourse. However the main betting ring is located in the Grandstand and Paddock Enclosure.

    You can wander between the bookmakers' pitches where they display the runners for the next race and the odds/prices that are being offered. It's worth shopping around as the various bookmakers may well be offering different prices. The odds are displayed on boards similar to the one below:

    Betting Board

    To place your bet simply tell the bookmaker:

    # the horse's number
    # the type of bet
    # the amount you'd like to bet

    In return you'll be given a ticket or receipt confirming your bet. Keep this safe as you'll need it to claim your winnings if your horse is successful. After the race to claim winnings simply take your receipt back to the bookmaker you bought the bet from and he'll give you your money.

    Racecourse betting shop
    This is the same as a High Street bookmaker's shop where you write on a betting slip.

    # your selected racecourse
    # race time
    # the name of the horse
    # the value of your stake
    # the type of bet

    You hand the slip and money to the cashier and you will be given a carbon copy of the slip. This copy must be presented back to the cashier when collecting any winnings.
    The best thing about horse racing is that no one knows who is going to win any given race at any given time. However, here are a few handy tips to help you try to pick a winner.

    Study the form
    'Form' is simply the information and facts about a horse's past performances. You can find a summary of form in your racecard, and in the national newspapers. If you would like a more detailed analysis, then the Racing Post (which you can buy at the course) has a wide range of statistical information.

    Some factors worth taking into consideration when looking at form are:

    * Whether your horse has won any races recently. On your racecard this will be represented as a series of numbers ,e.g. 120631. Each number represents a race and your horses position in that race
    * If your horse has beaten or lost to any of its rivals in this race before
    * Whether your horse has won over this distance before, or at this course (a course and distance winner is a very desirable bet)
    * Whether the horse has won previously on the same going (i.e the state of the turf) as it is running on today
    * The weight your horse is carrying compared to previous races or whether it is going up or dropping down significantly in the class of the race
    * What kind of form your horse's trainer is in at the moment

    When picking your horse look at the way it walks sround the paddock, normally a good clue, if a horse is happy with good stance and slight tail movement that is good, a horse who is nervy or sweating is a bad sign.

    No sure fire way to pick a winner or we would be rich but look at the horse and use your own instinct.

    Go for horses with names that have double initials - they're usually outsiders,so go each way - if they win you'll have a good day !

    Fibs and Flannel in the first race.
    Celtic Change in the second
    Nothing in the third....
    Blue Bond in the fourth
    Solar Spirit in the fifth
    Theres three to choose from in the last race, depending on how well you've done,you could go for one or all three !!!

    Good luck and enjoy your day out !

    If you win big,I want a cut
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