Yorkshire Cameras : Fraudulent Company - do not use

    Have been searching around for a Panasonic TZ10 and came across a website called Yorkshire Cameras, the camera was priced at £149.

    Luckily I couldn't add it to my basket and so emailed them using the address provided. While I was waiting for the reply I did some digging and found that the physical address they are registered to is called Martins Camera Shop. Went to their website and found a message that says

    Please Note: Martin's Camera Shop has nothing whatsoever to do with a company calling itself "Yorkshire Cameras" who are claiming to be a part of our company

    Thought I would post it here as this is a popular website and it is likely to be seen my others


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    Seems I am not the only one:…306

    Also it seems it is the person that tried a similar scam last year with a website called KV Cameras…e=1
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    Ive just fallen for the scam. I only noticed after my dc and cc both 'failed' and they suggested a bank transfer. Did a Google search and found this and various other links pointing out its a fraud. Have just cancelled my bank card and credit card and Im waiting for them to be replaced. Still cant believe it is on google shopping. Im inclined not to use them again after this if they cant even validate their business partners

    I was just looking for a lens and found the website. Was a little suspect as prices are too good!
    Looks legit as Martin's Camera Shop is a well established company.
    I searched on here for Yorkshire Cameras and the search engine returned nothing!
    Moderators please sort this to return this thread if people search Yorkshire and/or Cameras.
    Keep well clear and spread the word about these scum bags!

    I've just been done. To the tune of £691 - I stupid did the bank transfer. As it's a legit transfer the bank can do NOTHING. Excellent.


    Giving us Yorkshire people a bad name!
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