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Posted 12th Feb
Been looking at these as my new energy supplier, the cheap energy club gives them a good rating but from on 65 reviews. Does anyone here have any experience with them?
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I have been with them for a year and just renewed for another year. No problems I just leave meter readings every month online and get a bill almost instantly. Only had to contact customer services once but it did take them 30 mins to answer.
Been working fine for me, but I've needed no contact with Customer services.
do they take smart meters?
I ve just joined them so far so good, but time will tell
Been with them almost 2 years. Never had a problem, just submit my readings once a month. Never needed to contact customer services. After my fixed rate ended I couldn't find anyone cheaper to renew with (and I search everywhere I can) so stuck with them on a new tariff. Normally switch supplier after every fixed rate ends. Will see what happens at the end of this one.
I’m with YE since September. Meter reading every month and instant bill. All good.
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