Posted 13th Sep 2022
My OH is really keen to get either a Yoto Box or TonieBox for our kid.
(info/review here if you’re not familiar…tml)
the HUKDealer in me can’t help thinking it’s a ridiculous price to pay for something that isn’t that good and with have a limited lifespan.
I am though keen to reduce my kids screen where possible but I also appreciate kids love tech and cool stuff.
I’m wondering whether a ‘kindle kids edition’ with a cheap (but colourful) pair of Bluetooth headphones would offer the same thing. I could upload audio books for her and maybe even treat her to an audible kids subscription at some points.
It has the benefit of being techy but would also last longer as they could use the kindle well into their teens and I wouldn’t be limited to only the books they offer on the cartridges.

What do people think? Any thoughts? Any alternatives?

It’d be great if Amazon did a narrated page by page books for kindle - can’t see them, do they exits?
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    im in the same boat, i want one of these but they are extornianate
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