you are applying for a job where???

    my mum has told me she has applied for a job where i work,that may not sound bad.......but you dont know my mother

    i have tried everything to put her of such as its bitchy there(thats the truth),theres a lot of young staff there etc etc but she has still applied

    im a quiet person and keep myself to myself but my mum is the opposite she has a big mouth and argues with people

    she is also an alchoholic she doesnt drink in work but she phones in when she goes on a bender
    she also has a habit of phoning people when she has had a drink and arguing with them

    infact we didnt speak for 4 years up until a year ago because of how much she has upset me and the family through the years

    my fella thinks i should have a word with my boss but i dont think i could do that to my mum,she has recently been suspended from her old job for having a go at another member of staff so she has resigned


    she may not get the job when they see her references

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    she may not get the job when they see her references

    can they say bad things in a refference?

    does your mum use this site, if she does she knows what your upto and your in trouble, ner ner, lol


    can they say bad things in a refference?

    no just say no comment

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    does your mum use this site, if she does she knows what your upto and … does your mum use this site, if she does she knows what your upto and your in trouble, ner ner, lol

    my mum doesnt know how to turn a computer on

    your screwed

    macdonalds never turn anyone willing to work down

    well its not a case of bad things but they can tell the truth my brother in law was suspended for fighting and didnt get the next job he applied for as when they asked the old company they said he didnt work well with others and other stuff. they can also refuse to supply a reference which is the same as a bad reference

    you might be best having a quiet word with you manager.

    if she comes in and is known as your mum, you will get tarred with the same brush if she throws one and upsets a lot of people. you dont want to jeopardise your own position.

    that being said, a previous poster is right in that she may not be offered the job anyway. if she has a problem with drink and having a pop at people she is unlikely to do a great interview.

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    i have been there for 8 years so im hoping they know me well enough by now to know im not like that,however its the type of place where there is alot of backstabbing,thats why i went onto the night shift

    at the moment i think my wwork would take anyone on they dont seem to be very fussy these days

    god are you working at tesco, sounds just like that place

    what a nightmare for you.......can you 'find' an ad for a job that might be more suitable and give it to her-or tell her the truth and say it wouldn't work for you?

    Hope it works out for you edjaned

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    the thing is my sis was on the phone to me and said mum is applying for a job in your place...then said that will be nice 4 u
    my mum heard her say this and my mum just laughed too i dont think it would bother her if i didnt want her to work there
    she would probably just have a mood then try to get in touch with me constantly when she gets drunk....luckily though i refuse to give her my phone no so everytime she wants to speak to me she has to contact another family member and get them to ask me to phone her

    she seems ok to me, what her mob number!

    u quite, then grass her up on this site..........come on u winding us up

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    god are you working at tesco, sounds just like that place

    no i work in a home for the disabled

    Bloody hell, your mum sounds like a nightmare!!

    Reminds me of Fizz's mum from Coronation Street. Hope she's not that bad your mum. Would you be her boss? That could be fun whilst she's working her probation period.

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    lol no i would not be her boss

    she is bad my mum,u would not believe some of the things she has said and done some funny but some really bad

    she calls my youngest son sack when his name is zack i cringe when she says it
    my 5 year old she calls kai when hes called kyle ffs she even writes kai on his birthday cards

    i had a premature stillborn son which i partly blamed her for but thats another story she sometimes says to me have u been to kyles grave?.........kyle is my 5 yr old my stillborn son was ryan

    sometimes when i take my kids over she decides to go out for a swim...she only sees my kids probably once every 3 months and my kids are well behaved too....dont know whats the matter with the woman shes got issues,dont know why though she had a fantastic upbringing
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