You been affect by this months Flooding?

Posted 14th Nov
Wow, what a wet month. A series of flooding across the UK affecting areas like Yorkshire and West Midlands

Here is a roundup of events in Yorkshire
: Fishlake in South Yorkshire is fully submerged in water and is still expected to be battered in rain
: Doncaster and surrounding areas are heavily affected with serious flooding
: Many roads closed across South Yorkshire such as most road around Fishlake
: Sheffield has numerous road closures in place due to flooding
: £250,000 in a charity fund for communities worst affected
: Many trains cancelled and delayed due to blockages on the line

Its not just Yorkshire today the West Midlands has been battered with heavy downpours non stop causing over 100 schools in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Shropshire being closed today and tomorrow. Many main road closed such as the A44 in Cotheridge just outside Worcester and the A38 Stoke Road in Bromsgrove. In Worcester the flood pumps are being put in place on A443 Hylton Road along the River Severn. Trains are not running to Colwall , Ledbury, Hereford, Bromsgrove or University. Birmingham and the Black Country have many flood warnings and trains between Shirley and Stratford has no trains running and Snow Hill to Kidderminster is flooded.

Many other counties are affected plus snow and icy conditions in parts of Wales. Weather is set to get drier in some parts for the weekend but there is still some rain to come.

Have you been affect with flooding in your area, got any pictures and videos to share?, share them below and stay safe


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Eh? Surely you'd have other priorities if you were affected?

You asked, "Have you been affect with flooding in your area, got any pictures and videos to share?, share them below and stay safe."

I think, therefore, I write:-

Starting from a decade ago, if you had asked every year, "Dear caring citizens, have you been attending every council meeting about contingency planning and have expressed your concerns about future flooding in your area....and have achieved an action plan to do x, y, z......?"

If you would have had many replies?!
Now, you ask, "Have you been affected..."

Maybe, you ask also, "Are you going to attend every planning meeting to raise the profile of the importance of contingency planning...and volunteer to pay more in council taxes."
I had to drive to office via different route due to flooding
Haven't been directly affected thankfully but I've also never seen the waterways near me as full as they are. It's the first time we've seriously sat down and thought about what we'd do if we did flood.

I live in a city centre so I'd hope that our flood defences are strong but I'm also within 2-300 metres of 3 different water sources.
Mind and store all that water for the summer so you don’t have a drought again
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