You can now charge any google play purchase to your Three mobile account.

    As title says for any purchase in the play store.
    Come in handy for me as don't like store credit details on this site.
    Hope it comes in handy for some



    Is this new on three? Been able to do this on other networks for ages.



    Choose 'Enable mobile billing' as an option instead of paypal or credit card when you check out. You will have to do a confirmation txt thing and enter your address, then it will go through.

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    if you go to the play store and hit the tab 'Play Store' it will bring up your details go to 'my account' and you will see in the 'add payment method' 'Enable Three mobile billing' hit that area and enter your details and your done.


    WOW thank god for the power of capitalism!

    (I will now need to stay away from the store in case I hit the buy button for everything that looks good.)
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