You can now turn off Netflix Autoplay!

Posted 8th Feb
Who would have thought? Netflix have actually listened to customer feedback, and you can now disable their most annoying feature - autoplay trailers when you search for something to watch (which for some, like me, takes longer than what I am looking to watch).

It's simple to do - log in to your account, click on Manage, and there will now be two options - one to disable autoplay for the next show/movie, and one to disable whilst browsing.

You can also check the Netflix site here.

Hope this helps some of you.
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Thanks for the heads up...
Thank you, it was doing my head in that you couldn’t rewind once the auto play next episode icon comes up at the end of an episode. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to start the episode again and fast forward to the bit I missed/want to re watch.
Finally. Nothing spoils a move more than cutting straight to what’s next.
Heat. Oh wait, no heat button!
Thank you, sir. Just got a Netflix account and the autoplaying trailers were really getting on my t*ts
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