You couldn't make it up....

    Just got in work 7.30, check my emails.

    From Monday, all office workers that use the industrial shredder will have a 15 minute 'training' input on its use.

    And now the punch line:

    "....Safety goggles, ear defenders, and a dust mask will be provided next to the equipment to ensure safety of the personnel whilst operating this piece of machinery. Anyone found not complying with these requirements could face disciplinary action...."

    All due to a plank complaining he had paper dust in his eyes last week no doubt.

    The world of H&S in the workplace has gone mad......



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    It just annoys the hell out of me.

    Though we did fight the last one we had - no opening of any letters/parcels without scissors/envelope opener - this was to ward against papercuts and injuring yourself on the contents.

    But NOBODY thankfully took any notice of it


    Unfortunatly in the compensation culture that we live in companys have to take actions like these to protect themselves.


    wonderful example in the paper yesterday in which a sainsburys butcher with 30 years experience told a customer he was not allowed to de-bone a joint any more due to H&S!

    Tbh I do agree with the dust mask ( I actually chose to wear one lol), I do a lot of shredding on those machines and, it always gives me a chesty cough. I also agree however that H&S has gone way too far.



    Do these contain nuts?

    TESCO pine nuts description:-

    Tesco Pine Nut Kernels 100g

    Allergy Advice

    Recipe: No nuts.

    Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free.

    Factory: Product made in a nut free area, but nuts used elsewhere

    I've been advised not to order any lickable envelopes for the office due to "H&S"....unbelievable!

    in my job as a heating engineer we are now issued with safetly goggles, gloves, ear defenders, dust masks fire extinguisher and knee pads..we only service domestic applliances and if we turned up on a customers doorstep fully equipped like that i think we'd scare the hell out of them:w00t: :? H&S gone mad

    all the safety stuff that you are supplied should be single use or personel issue to prevent cross infection

    we have to have step ladder training in case of wifi Access Point replacement, apparently the Manual Handling Course isn't enough

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