You Got Any Snow????

Found 18th Mar 2007
Well, I woke up this morning to horrendous high, not under the duvet!!! :oops:
We had weather warnings last night saying that after the high winds, there would be snow. As it is sunny here in Crewe I can't see us having any snow :?

Its supposed to arrive in the north west first so has anybody had any signs that snow is about to fall??
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im peed of because all day yesterday i was making this outdoor house thing made by tyco or something beginning with F but yeh woke up this morning and half the garden is coered in house and plants :x :x
None here
no snow here but winds are a bit on strong side ! garden furniture's been doing laps of the garden by itself
Yeah, my cat went out to do 'her business' and she almost took off!!!
No snow, but really strong wind (Shouldnt of had that curry last night....:giggle:) and then we had some hail earlier. Weather keeps changing though, is quiet sunny out now

Yeah, my cat went out to do 'her business' and she almost took off!!!

lol. no snow here - just sunshine and wind.
had snow in the north east, quite blizardy for about 2 hours but hasn't realy laid.
Its arrived!!!!!
Winds are making it blow horizontally across the window!!!
Sunny here now maybe were next....
yep, its now snowing here too. thats the quickest weather turn around ive ever seen.
Were are you from dunno?
south west
snow here in Belfast !!!
We have had snow flurries all morning....winds are gale force too!
a tiny bit of snow in the midlands/southeast
very windy in the morning, then showers now sunny. typical english weather you can never guess whats next LOL
Had a little bit here, but just gusty stuff...not stuck or anything!
The snow has disappeared to be replaced by a sunny windy day again!
Hope my daffs are not going to get too cold!
Saw lorries being blown about on the motorway...
Strange here. Sunny then cloudy and then huge hail stones and then gusty winds.......and then calm.....................freaky!!
It's now REALLY dark and hailing....again....
Just had a mad hour or so of snow in Yorkshire, it was ace
Too dark to see anything now. maybe we will all wake up to snow drifts.
hope it snows overnight, it will be a great day at college snow ball fights
Got lots, ours arrived last week...:x…883

It was a gift...(now I know she never liked me), definitly a back garden item...when the weather gets better :w00t:
Sleeting in Brighton but that's as good as rain. No gritters seen at any stage during Sunday :giggle:
no snow here just madly windy here :w00t:
Gods been dusting Derbyshire with a light covering of icing sugar overnight and has stayed off the curries plus ELO have said good morning to the sky above.

For those not on my wavelentgh
light snow,calm,sunny
we had a dusting of snow in staffordshire last night, but now its sunny and we have blue skies.
snowing again in staffordshire :x
Its snowing in Teesside,but it is not laying.Just had a hailstorm before the snow.It's absolutely brass monkeys.Arctic temperatures.:-(
nice and sunny here, but cold. Knew we wouldn't see any snow.

Does anyone hate how the weather forecast spends half the time telling you what the weather was like LAST WEEK? we know what it was last week!

Edit - Now that's crazy, it JUST started snowing not 2 minutes after I posted!!!

(not gonna stick though)
no snow here still
Weather here is crazy, still changing by the minute. It goes from hail stones to sunny and warm in a matter of minutes!
The Wind Is Horrendous!!!!!! Hope The Conservatory Stays Up !!!!!!!!
The end is nigh!
we had snow, wind, thunder n lighting and sun today.
the biggest hailstones in history just fell in my area.
:cry: nope, no snow here :cry: Although I've had abit of hail, and strong winds :x
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