Found 24th Sep 2008…PCk

This is 5 mins long but well worth it, gets good half way through.

It made me laugh!

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lol, looking back at it, He-Man looks as camp as Queen always were.

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hahah skeletors hand movement has me in creases!

the waynes world headbanging bit had me laffin like a drain

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YEP! that is class!
The more times i watch it the more i laugh... easily pleased me!


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cheers ranger

That was quite funny and I never realised how camp Heman actually looked until I saw that clip, even though I used to watch him all the time as a lil kid.

Looooool!! :w00t:

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The Heman singing the Ooooooooohhhhhh cracks me up!

I have to find a vid of she ra now!! :w00t:

Here you go!! :thumbsup:…cHE


omg that was AWESOME!!!

So funny :thumbsup:

funny as!
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